DC Grotto Library

coverThe DC Grotto maintains a library of caving-related books, caving newsletters, and other materials that are available for use by any DCG member.  Non-members are welcome to inquire about material.  In many cases articles or other material can be copied for non-members.

The book list includes the title, publisher, date of publication and, usually, a brief description of the contents of the books in the DCG library.  Contact Bob Hoke at 301-725-5877 or bob@rhoke.net for information about borrowing books.

Periodicals, such as Grotto and Section newsletters, are included in the serials list. For each publication, the name of the publication, the years for which the Library has copies, the state of origin, and (usually) the publisher are given. Holdings for many publications are incomplete.  Contact Donnie Hammond at 571-699-6383 or theglobetrottingdonnie@yahoo.com to request material.

National Geographics:
The Library also has a collection of National Geographic magazines that contain cave-related articles.  See the National Geographic list for the list of articles.  Contact Bob Hoke if you are interested in an article.

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