D. C. Grotto Library Book List
(as of May 2024)

The following is a list of the books in the D. C. Grotto Library.  They can normally be checked out by any Grotto member.  If you are interested in checking out a book contact Bob Hoke at 301-725-5877 or email bob@rhoke.net.

ADVENTURES AT MARK TWAIN CAVE (Weaver, 1972, 62 pgs) History of exploration and commercialization of this Missouri cave.

ALABAMA CAVES (Tarkington, Varnedoe, Veitch, 1965, 500 pgs) Descriptions, maps, descriptions for many Alabama caves.

ALEXANDER CAVERNS (Speece, 1973, 28 pgs) Description of this formerly commercial Pennsylvania cave.

AMERICAN CAVING ACCIDENTS 1967--1970 (no author, 1974, 42 pgs) Sobering summary of cave accidents during the period.

AMERICAN CAVING ACCIDENTS 50th ANNIVERSARY EDITION (Armstrong, 2017, 120 pgs) Cave rescue history and many related articles.

AMERICAN CAVES AND CAVING (Halliday, 1974, 348 pgs) Dated, but interesting, introduction to caves, cave science, and caving techniques.

ATLAS OF THE GREAT CAVES OF THE WORLD (Courbon & others, 1989, 368 pgs) Descriptions & maps of hundreds of major caves throughout the world.

BASIC CAVE RESCUE ORIENTATION COURSE STUDY GUIDE (Eastern Region NCRC, 1990, 220 pgs) Good introduction to cave rescue techniques, based on the popular rescue orientation course.

BOB & BOB CAVE GEAR CATALOG - JANUARY 2001 (Liebman, 2001, 56 pgs) Catalog of cave gear available in early 2001.

BOB & BOB CAVE GEAR CATALOG - NOVEMBER 2001 (Liebman, 2001, 48 pgs) Catalog of cave gear available in late 2001.

BREATHING CAVE (Zimmerman, 2015, 88 pgs) Detailed quadrangle map and description of this classic cave in Bath County, Virginia.

BULLETIN OF THE SPELEOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA - VOL I (Bloch, 1940, 64 pgs) Reprint of the first DC Grotto publication - history, bylaws, members, several cave descriptions.

CAPITAL AREA CAVERS (Baker & Anderson, 1982, 137 pgs) History of several major DC-area projects (Friars Hole, Organ, Elk River, several others).

THE CASSELL CAVE SURVEY PROJECT (WVASS Monograph 3) (Zimmerman, 2009, 60 pgs) Good map, geology, and history of the 8-mile cave in Pocahontas County, W. Va.

CAVE CAPERS GUIDEBOOK, 1989 (Central Indiana Grotto, 1989, 38 pgs) Guide to over 40 caves around Owen County, Indiana.

CAVE LIFE OF TAG (Niemiller, Zigler, & Fenolio, 2013, 46 pgs) Full-color photos and good descriptions of 25 critters likely to be found in TAG caves.

CAVE LIFE OF THE VIRGINIAS (Fong, Porter, & Slay, 2012, 44 pgs) Full-color photos and good descriptions of 20 critters likely to be found in caves in VA and WV.

CAVE MINERALS OF THE WORLD, Second Edition (Hill & Forti, 1997, 463 pgs) Descriptions and photos of most minerals found in caves.

CAVER INFORMATION SERIES (NSS, various dates) Short papers on various caving topics.  Most are obsolete.
    1     Information for Beginning Cavers (1978, 2 pgs)
    2     Cave Surveying (1978, 9 pgs)
    3     Head Protection for Cavers (no date, 6 pgs)
    4     Cave Clothing (no date, 2 pgs)
    5     Public Relations (no date, 2 pgs)
    6     A Micro-Velocity Anemometer (no date 3 pgs)
    8     Methods the Average Caver Can Use To Find New Caves (no date, 2 pgs)
   11    Scaling Poles (no date, 5 pgs)
   13    Cable Ladders -- Construction, Corrosion and Safety (no date, 5 pgs)
   14    Building a Wet Suit (1960?, 5 pgs)
   15    Bats (no date, 2 pgs)
   16    Proposed Standard Map Symbols (1961, 2 pgs)
   17    Cave Rescue (no date, 6 pgs)
   18    Use of the Cave Radio in Mapping (1985, 7 pgs)
   19    A Magnetic Induction Cave Radio (no date, 5 pgs)
   20    A Nutritionally Adequate Cavers' Ration (no date, 9 pgs)
   21    The Caver's Camera (no date, 1 pg)
   22    Selection of a Caving Camera (no date, 6 pgs)
   23    Cavers and Hypothermia (no date, 5 pgs)
   24    Specific Gravity Identification of Aragonite (no date, 2 pgs)
   25    Deterioration of Climbing Ropes (no date, 4 pgs)
   26    Techniques of Stream Tracing (1988, 3 pgs)
   27    Cave Diving (no date, 4 pgs) (incomplete)
   28    Techniques Involved in Finding Caves... (no date, 8 pgs)
   29    Cave Photography ( 1973, 10 pgs)
   30    Geological Terms Used in Caving (1986, 4 pgs)
   31    Cave Owner Relationships (1972, 2 pgs)
   32    The Mitchell Jumar System (1975, 3 pgs)
   33?  Belaying (1975, 8 pgs)
   33?  The FX-2 Electric Lamp (1989, 6 pgs)
   34?  Drafting of Cave Maps (1976, 6 pgs)
   35?  A Guide for Biological Collecting in Caves (1978, 14 pgs)
   36?  The Caver as a Cave Manager (1979, 4 pgs)
   38    Electric Light Systems for Caving (1981, 15 pgs)
   39    Plastic Garbage Bags for Comfort & Survival (no date, 3 pgs)
   40    The Dupont or Eye Splice in Laid Nylon Rope (1976, 3 pgs)
   41    State Geological Publications (1987, 23 pgs)
   42    A Glossary of Some Acronyms Used in Caving (1988, 4 pgs)
   43    The Rectangular Method of Land Measurement (no date, 3 pgs)

CAVE PASSAGES - ROAMING THE UNDERGROUND WILDERNESS (Taylor, 1996, 285 pgs)  Caving adventures.

CAVERNS OF SONORA (Messling, 1978, 42 pgs) Description of a famous Texas commercial cave.

CAVERNS OF WEST VIRGINIA (Davies, 1958/1965, 330+70 pgs) The "bible" for West Virginia cavers for many years.  Dated, but still a popular reference.  Includes 1965 Supplement.

CAVES (Waltham, 1974, 240 pgs)  Descriptions and photos of many caves throughout the world.

CAVES 83, BAT CAVE, NC (NC Cave Survey, 1983, 45 pgs) Guide to caves around Bat Cave, North Carolina.

CAVES AND KARST HYDROLOGY IN NORTHERN POCAHONTAS COUNTY [West Virginia] (WVASS Bulletin 6) (Medville & Medville, 1976, 174 pgs) Descriptions & maps of caves in the area.

CAVES AND KARST HYDROLOGY OF SOUTHERN POCAHONTAS COUNTY (WVASS Bulletin 10) (Storrick, 1992, 212 pgs & 30 separate map sheets) Descriptions & maps for some West Virginia's most significant caves.
CAVES AND KARST HYDROLOGY OF THE SOUTHERN EDWARDS PLATEAU, TEXAS (Kastning, 1978, 48 pgs) Guidebook for the Geology Field Trip at the 1978 NSS Convention.

THE CAVES AND KARST OF THE CULVERSON CREEK BASIN (WVASS Bulletin 20) (Lucas, Balfour & Dasher, 2018, 336 pgs) Describes the many caves in the Culverson Creek Basin of north-eastern Greenbrier County, WV.

THE CAVES AND KARST OF HARDY COUNTY (WVASS Bulletin 23) (Dasher, 2020, 194 pgs) Describes the geology, caves, and karst of Hardy County, WV.  Includes a 43-page geological field trip on Corridor H from Davis to Wardensville.

CAVES & KARST OF KENTUCKY (Kentucky Geological Survey, 1985, 196 pgs) Detailed technical description of Kentuckyís karst areas.

THE CAVES AND KARST OF THE BUCKEYE CREEK BASIN (WVASS Bulletin 12) (Dasher & Balfour, 1994, 240 pgs) Detailed study and guidebook for the Buckeye Creek Basin in Greenbrier County, West Virginia.

THE CAVES AND KARST OF GRANT COUNTY WEST VIRGINIA (WVASS Bulletin 17) (Dasher, 2010, 120 pgs) Maps and descriptions of caves and springs in the county.

THE CAVES AND KARST OF MERCER AND SUMMERS COUNTIES, WV (WVASS Bulletin 21) (Shaer & Dasher, 2018, 186 pgs)

THE CAVES AND KARST OF MONROE COUNTY (WVASS Bulletin 22) (Dasher, 2019, 476 pgs)

CAVES AND KARST OF MONROE COUNTY, W. Va. (WVASS Bulletin 4) (Haarr, Medville, & Werner, 1975, 150 pgs) Maps and descriptions of many caves in this cave-rich county.

CAVES AND KARST OF PENDLETON COUNTY (WVASS Bulletin 15) (Dasher, 2001, 404 pgs & 11 separate map sheets) Descriptions & maps for the caves in this popular West Virginia caving county. This book is replaced by Bulletin 25.

CAVES AND KARST OF PENDLETON COUNTY (VOLUME ONE) (WVASS Bulletion 25) (Dasher, 2020, 330 pgs) Updated edition of the 2001 WVASS Bulletin 15. Does not include Germany Valley caves (they will be in a future Volume Two).

CAVES & KARST OF RANDOLPH COUNTY (WVASS Bulletin 13) (Medville & Medville, 1995, 250 pgs plus many large maps) Outstanding guide to the many caves in Randolph County, West Virginia.  Good descriptions and many maps. (Suprersedes WVASS Bulletin 1).

THE CAVES AND KARST OF TUCKER COUNTY (WVASS Bulletin 18) (McCarty & Masney, 2011, 302 pgs) Detailed descriptions of caves & karst feature in Tucker County, W. Va.  Many maps and photos.

CAVES AND KARST OF THE USA (Palmer & Palmer, 2009, 446 pgs)  Descriptions of many significant caves throughout the country.

CAVES AND KARST OF THE WATER SINKS AREA (Lucas, 2012, 365 pgs) Illustrated description of the discovery, exploration, and geology of the caves in the Water Sinks area of Highland County, Virginia.  (This book is currently lost and therefore unavailable)

CAVES AND KARST OF WEST VIRGINIA (WVASS Bulletin 19) (Dasher, 2012, 264 pgs) Excellent overview of the caving areas in West Virginia.

THE CAVES AND KARST OF WESTERN GREENBRIER COUNTY (WVASS Bulletin 24) (Balfour, Springer, Passerby, & Dasher, 2020,248 pgs)

CAVES AND OTHER VOLCANIC LANDFORMS OF CENTRAL OREGON (Sims & Benedict, 1982, 49 pgs) Guidebook for the Geology & Biology Field Trip at the 1982 NSS Convention in Bend, Oregon

THE CAVES OF BLAIR COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA (Speece & Cullinan, 1972, 90 pgs) Descriptions and maps.

CAVES OF THE EASTERN PANHANDLE OF WEST VIRGINIA (WVASS Bulletin 8) (Gulden & Johnsson, 1985, 136 pgs) Descriptions and maps for the numerous small caves in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia.

CAVES OF THE GEM STATE (?, 1969, 30 pgs) Descriptions and crude maps of several Idaho caves.

CAVES OF ILLINOIS (Bretz & Harris, 1961, 87 pgs) Descriptions & maps of lots of Illinois caves.

CAVES OF INDIANA (Powell, 1961, 127 pgs) Descriptions & maps of lots of Indiana caves.

THE CAVES OF MCKITTRICK HILL (Kunath, 1978, 88 pgs) Descriptions & maps of several Eddy County, New Mexico caves.

THE CAVES OF MARYLAND (Davies, 1950, 76 pgs) Descriptions and maps of Marylandís caves.

CAVES OF MASSACHUSETTS (Hauer, 1969, 62 pgs) Brief descriptions & maps of many caves.

CAVES OF MISSOURI (Bretz, 1956, 490 pgs) Descriptions & locations of many Missouri caves.  A few maps and photos.

CAVES OF MONTANA (Campbell, 1978, 170 pgs) Descriptions & maps of lots of Montana caves.

CAVES OF NORTH CENTRAL WEST VIRGINIA (WVASS Bulletin 5) (Garton & Garton, 1976, 108 pgs) descriptions of caves in Barbour, Harrison, Marion, Monongalia, Ohio, Preston, and Upshur counties.

CAVES OF THE ORGAN CAVE PLATEAU (WVASS Bulletin 9) (Stevens, 1988, 200 pgs) Detailed map and text describing Organ Cave and other caves in the area.

CAVES OF PENNSYLVANIA (Stone, 1953, 144 pgs) [NSS Bulletin 15] Dated publication, but has descriptions of 272 caves, most with locations and some with maps.

CAVES OF RANDOLPH COUNTY [West Virginia] (WVASS Bulletin 1) (Medville & Medville, 1971, 218 pgs) Good maps and descriptions of Randolph County caves.  Superseded by Bulletin 13 in 1995.

CAVES OF SOUTHEASTERN PENNSYLVANIA (Reich, 1974, 120 pgs) Maps & descriptions of the areaís caves.

CAVES OF TENNESSEE (Barr, 1961, 560 pgs) Descriptions, maps, locations, & photos of lots of Tennessee caves.

THE CAVES OF TEXAS (Mohr (ed), 1948, 136 pgs) NSS Bulletin Ten.  Descriptions & photos of Texas caves, few maps.

CAVES OF VIRGINIA (Douglas, 1964, 761 pgs) Descriptions and some maps of Virginia's caves.  This book does not circulate.

CAVES OF WASHINGTON (Halliday, 1963, 132 pgs) Descriptions & maps of many Washington (state) caves.

CAVES OF WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA (White, 1976, 98 pgs) Descriptions & maps of many western Pennsylvania caves.

CAVING BASICS (FIRST EDITION) (Hassemer, 1982, 125 pgs) Somewhat dated, but still useful, introduction to caving techniques.

CAVING BASICS (NEW REVISED EDITION) (REA, 1987, 128 pgs) Updated version of this introductory book.

CAVING BASICS (THIRD EDITION) (Rea, 1992, 187 pgs) Updated edition of the popular book on introductory caving techniques.

CENTRAL KENTUCKY CAVE SURVEY #2 (Groves & others, 1988, 150 pgs)

CURRENT TITLES IN SPELEOLOGY (BCRA, 1987-1992 and several earlier years, 110 pgs average) An annual bibliography of worldwide cave literature.  Valuable for research. (Replaced by Speleological Abstracts starting in 1993).

DAWN OF ART: THE CHUVET CAVE (Chauvet et a, 1996, 135 pgs) Coffee table book with great photos and good text describing  the oldest known cave paintings.

DESCRIPTIONS OF TENNESSEE CAVES (Matthews, 1971, 150 pgs) Brief descriptions and a few maps of Tennessee caves.

DESCRIPTION OF VIRGINIA CAVES (Holsinger, 1975, 450 pgs) A classic guide to hundreds of Virginia caves.

DISCOVERY AND EXPLORATION OF THE OREGON CAVES (Walsh & Halliday, 1971, 28 pgs) History of this commercial cave in Oregon

EXPLORING AMERICAN CAVES (Folsom, 1956, 318 pgs).

GEOLOGIC CROSS SECTION THROUGH THE APPALACHIAN BASIN FROM THE FINDLAY ARCH, WOOD COUNTY, OHIO, TO THE VALLEY AND RIDGE PROVINCE, PENDLETON COUNTY, WEST VIRGINIA (USGS, 2008, 44 pg book & two very large charts)  Gives a very detailed geologic cross section through part of Pendleton County, W. Va. and to the west.

A GEOLOGICAL GUIDE TO MAMMOTH CAVE NATIONAL PARK (Palmer, 1981, 196 pgs) A detailed, but non-technical, guide to the geology of the cave.

GEOLOGY AND BIOLOGY OF PENNSYLVANIA CAVES (PA Dept of Environmental Resources, 1976, 104 pgs) Detailed info about Pennsylvania caves in general. No cave descriptions or maps.

GEOLOGY OF SOME CAVES IN PENDLETON COUNTY, WEST VIRGINIA (WVASS Monograph 5) (Swezey, 2014, 60 pgs) Describes the geology, etc. of Cave Mountain, Sinnett, Trout, New Trout, and Hamilton Caves.

GEOLOGY FIELD TRIPS IN AND AROUND THE U.S. CAPITAL (Swezey and Carter, 2020, 103 pgs) Contains very detailed discussion of the geology of the Trout Rock caves in Pendleton County, WV.

GREENBRIER COUNTY [GEOLOGY] (WV Geological Survey, 1939, 846 pgs) Dated, but very detailed description of the county's geology.  Includes large topo map and large geological map.

Spring 1994    Radford, VA (New River Valley Grotto, 1994, 12 pgs)
Fall 1994         Eastern Panhandle, WV (Tri-state Grotto, 1994, 46 pgs)
Spring 1996    Natural Chimneys, VA (Blue Ridge Grotto, 1996, 12 pgs)
Fall 1997         Cumberland Gap, VA (Messer, 1997, 26 pgs)
Fall 1999         Franklin, WV (Pendleton County) (Pearson, 1999, 40 pgs)
Spring 2000    Giles County, VA (O'Malley, 2000, 26 pgs)
Fall 2000         Greenbrier County, WV (WVACS, 2000, 29 pgs)
Fall 2002         Endless Caverns, (New Market) VA (BATS, 2002, 32 pgs)
Spring 2003    Dailey, WV (Randolph County) (Chute & Hoke, 2003, 24 pgs)
Spring 2004    Grand Caverns, Grottos, VA (?, 2004, 16 pgs & 4 separate maps)
Fall 2004         Parsons, WV (Tucker County) (McCarty, 2004, 30 pgs)
Spring 2005    Lewisburg, WV (Greenbrier County) (Pearson, 2005, 32 pgs)
Spring 2006    Grand Caverns, VA (Grottoes, Augusta County) (Walsh, 2006, 24 pgs)
Spring 2007    Durbin, WV (Pocahontas County) (?, 2007, 22 pgs)
Fall 2010         Friars Hole Cave Preserve, Pocahontas County, WV (?, 2010, 47 pgs)
Spring, 2011   Durbin, Pocahontas County, WV (?, 2011, 14 pgs)
Fall 2019         Friars Hole Cave Preserve, Pocahontas County, WV (?, 2019, 44 pgs)
Spring 2022    Grand Caverns, (Grottoes, Agusta County) (Sproul, 2022, 20 pgs)
Spring 2024    Durbin, Pocahontas County, WV (Hammond, 2024,40 pgs)

GUIDE TO THE CAVES OF MINNESOTA (Hogberg & Bayer, 1967, 60 pgs) Descriptions of several Minnesota caves.

A GUIDE TO RESPONSIBLE CAVING (Sira (ed), 1998, 20 pgs) Brief guide for beginning cavers.

A GUIDE TO SPELEOLOGICAL LITERATURE OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE 1794-1996 (Northrup & others, 1998, 537 pgs) Comprehensive bibliography of worldwide caving literature in English.

GUIDEBOOK TO THE HISTORIC SECTION OF MAMMOTH CAVE (Palmer, Palmer, & White, 1981, 60 pgs)  Useful guide produced for the Eighth International Congress of Speleology in 1981

GUIDEBOOK TO KARST AND CAVES OF TENNESSEE AND MISSOURI (Crawford & Vinyeard, 1981, 176 pgs) Useful guide produced for the Eighth International Congress of Speleology in 1981.

THE HYDROGEOLOGY OF THE CENTRAL MONROE COUNTY KARST, WEST VIRGINIA (Ogden, 1976, 263 pgs) Very technical PhD thesis by Al Ogden.

KARST HYDROGEOLOGY AND GEOMORPHOLOGY OF EASTERN NEW YORK (Cullen & others, 1979, 83 pgs)  Geology trip guide for the 1979 NSS Convention.

INDEX TO LITERATURE PERTAINING TO WEST VIRGINIA CAVES AND KARST (WVASS Bulletin 3) (Werner, 1974, 140 pgs) Dated, but valuable guide to literature on W. Va. caves

INTERIM REPORT NUMBER 2 -- ALABAMA CAVE SURVEY E (Varnedoe, 1975, 240 pgs) Listing of caves and many maps.

AN INTRODUCTION TO CAVE SURVEYING (Ellis, 1988, 40 pgs) A small, but useful British publication on how they do cave surveys.  Most of the material is applicable in the U.S. as well.

THE INVERTEBRATE CAVE FAUNA OF WEST VIRGINIA, SECOND EDITION (WVASS Bulletin 16) Fong, Culver, Hobbs, & Pipan, 2007, 167 pgs) Describes 88 species and three subspecies in 282 caves in 19 West Virginia counties.

THE JEWEL CAVE ADVENTURE (Conn & Conn, 1977, 240 pgs)  Detailed history of exploration of the first 50 miles in Jewel Cave, South Dakota.

THE LAND OF THE BURNT OUT FIRES - LAVA BEDS NATIONAL MONUMENT, CALIFORNIA (Knox, 1959, 12 pgs) Reprint of NSS Bulletin article describing the caves.

LAVA BEDS CAVES (Larson, 1990, 56 pgs) Descriptions of many lava caves in Lava Beds Nat. Monument in northern California.

THE LEHMAN CAVES STORY (Halladay, 1972, 28 pgs) Laymanís description of this commercial Nevada cave.

LIVING ON KARST - A Reference Guide for Landowners in Limestone Regions (Zokaites (ed), 1997, 26 pgs) A good introduction to the pitfalls of living in a karst region.

MANUAL OF U.S. CAVE RESCUE TECHNIQUES (NCRC, 1981, 108 pgs)  Detailed manual of cave rescue procedures.

MAR BULLETIN (books on Pennsylvania counties & caving areas published by the Mid-Appalachian Region of the NSS):
MAR Bulletin 4:    Shippensburg area (Smeltzer, 1958, 17 pgs)
MAR Bulletin 5:    Western Pennsylvania (Dunn, 1960, 76 pgs)
MAR Bulletin 6:    Southern Cumberland Valley (Smeltzer, 1964, 126 pgs)
MAR Bulletin 9:    Huntingdon County (Cullinan & Speece, 1975, 114 pgs)
MAR Bulletin 10:  Snyder County (LaRock, 1976, 30 pgs)
MAR Bulletin 11:  Centre County (126 pgs)
MAR Bulletin 12:  Mifflin County (72 pgs)
MAR Bulletin 13:  Perry County (30 pgs)
MAR Bulletin 14:  Bucks County (44 pgs)
MAR Bulletin 15:  Lehigh County (34 pgs)

MAR SPRING THING [1980] (Gulden, 1980, 80 pgs) Guidebook for the May, 1980, MAR meeting.  Contains maps and descriptions of caves in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia.

MEXICAN CAVING 2001 (Walsh & Woods, Ed, 2001, 150 pgs) Information about Mexican caves, cave maps, and local facilities.  Good for anyone planning a trip to Mexico.

MYSTERY FALLS (Lookout Mountain, Chattanooga, TN) (Speece, 2018, 24 pgs) Contains history of the cave and maps.

NORTH CAROLINA CAVE SURVEY #1, #2, & #3 (Holler, 1975-81, 80, 66, & 18 pgs) Descriptions & maps of several North Carolina caves.

NOTES ON MAKING SALTPETRE (Rains, 1861, 10 pgs) Reprint of a Civil War booklet on saltpeter making.

NSS CONVENTION GUIDEBOOKS:  General information, cave descriptions, and cave maps for selected caves around various NSS convention sites.
1967:    Birmingham & Huntsville, Alabama  (Veitch, 52 pgs)
1970:    Watoga, West Virginia    (schleicher (ed), 98 pgs)
1971:    Blacksburg, Virginia    (Whittemore, 70 pgs)
1972:    White Salmon, Washington    (Halliday (Ed), 77 pgs)
1973:    Bloomington, Indiana    (unnamed editor, 80 pgs)
1974:    Decorah, Iowa    (Hedges (ed), 140 pgs)
1975:    Frogtown, California    (unnamed editor, 226 pgs)
1976:    Morgantown, West Virginia    (Garton (ed), 118 pgs)
1977:    Alpena, Michigan    (unnamed editor, 68 pgs)
1978:    New Braunfels, Texas    (Fieseler, Jasek, & Jaek (eds), 116 pgs)
1979:    Pittsfield, Massachusetts    (Evans & others (eds), 76 pgs)
1980:    White Bear Lake, Minnesota    (Alexander (ed), 190 pgs)
1982:    Bend, Oregon    (Larson, 74 pgs)
1983:    Elkins, West Virginia    (Medville & others, 147 pgs)
1984:    Sheridan, Wyoming    (Flurkey, 75 pgs)
1985:    Frankfort, Kentucky   (Hacker, Vore, & Vore (eds), 76 pgs)
1986:    Tularosa, New Mexico    (Belski, Belski, & Hardy (eds), 66 pgs)
1988:    Hot Springs, South Dakota    (Schilberg & Springhetti (eds), 156 pgs)
1989:    Sewanee, Tennessee    (Putnam (ed), 240 pgs)
1990:    Yreka, California    (Johnson (ed), 204 pgs)
1992:    Salem, Indiana    (Rea (ed), 256 pgs)
1993:    Pendleton, Oregon    Kline (ed), 150 pgs)
1994:    Brackettville, Texas    (Elliott & Veni (eds), 342 pgs)
1995:    Blacksburg, Virginia    (Zokaites (ed), 225 pgs, many fold-out maps)
1996:    Salida, Colorado    Kolstad (ed), 214 pgs)
1997:    Sullivan, Missouri    (Taylor (ed), 278 pgs)
1999:    Filer, Idaho    (Kline (ed), 106 pgs)
2000:    Elkins, West Virginia    (Dasher (ed), 300 pgs, many fold-out maps)
2001:    Mt. Vernon, Kentucky    (Braley (ed), 216 pgs, several fold-out maps)
2002:    Camden, Maine    (Nardacci (ed), 92 pgs)
2003:    Porterville, California    (Proffitt (Ed), 256 pgs)
2005:    Huntsville, Alabama    (Brown & Simon (Eds), 190 pgs plus map packet)
2006:    Bellingham, Washington     (Kilne (ed), 102 pgs)
2007:    Marengo, Indiana    (Atz (Ed), 462 pgs)
2008:    Lake City, Florida    (Florea (Ed), 300 pgs)
2010:    Essex Junction, Vermont   (Quick, 150 pgs)
2011:    Glenwood Springs, Colorado  (Reames (ed), 184 pgs)
2012:    Lewisburg (Greenbrier Valley), West Virginia  (Adler (ed), 252 pgs)
2013:    Shippensburg, Pennsylvania  (Opatka-Metzgar (ed), 328 pgs plus map package)
2015:    Waynesville, Missouri   (Slais (ed), 338 pgs plus map package)
2017:    Rio Rancho, Mew Mexico   (Starr (Ed), 186 pgs)
2018:    Helena, Montana   (Bodenhamer, et al (ed), 204 pgs)

OLD TIMERS REUNION PROGRAMS (various editors, dates, and sizes) Most of these programs prior to 2008 contain descriptions of the caves near the OTR site for that year.

OLD TIMERS REUNION - OFF-SITE ACTIVITIES GUIDE (Medville & Dasher, 2014, 36 pgs) Information about caves and surface activities in the OTR area.  Includes cave descriptions and maps.

ON ROPE (Padgett & Smith, 1987, 340 pgs) When first published, this was the bible on vertical caving equipment and techniques. (This is not the latest edition of this book).

ON STATION (Dasher, 1994, 242 pgs) Detailed information on the art and science of cave mapping. (This is not the latest edition of this book).

ONONDAGA -- THE MAMMOTH CAVE OF MISSOURI (Weaver, 1973, 94 pgs) Description & history of this Missouri cave.

THE PARADISE ICE CAVES (Halliday & Anderson, 27 pgs) Brief descriptions of the ice caves in Mt. Rainier National Park.

PENDLETON COUNTY [GEOLOGY] (WV Geological Survey, 1927, 384 pgs) Dated, but very detailed description of the county's geology.  Includes large topo map and large geological map.

POCAHONTAS COUNTY [GEOLOGY] (WV Geological Survey, 1929, 531 pgs) Dated, but very detailed description of the county's geology.  Includes large topo map and large geological map.


PROCEEDINGS OF THE EIGHTH INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF SPELEOLOGY (1981) (2 volumes) (Beck, Ed., 1981, 820 pgs)  (Full text of papers presented at the 8th ICS in Bowling Greek, KY, in 1981)

PRUSIKING (Thrun, 1973, 75 pgs) Classic tome on single rope climbing techniques and equipment.

RANDOLPH COUNTY [GEOLOGY] (WV Geological Survey, 1931, 989 pgs) Dated, but very detailed description of the county's geology.  Includes large topo map and large geological map.

REGION RECORD ISSUE #12 (Wittemore, 1979, 160 pgs) Interesting early history of clubs and caves in the Virginia Region through about 1978.

RICHLAND SPRINGS CAVERN (Soule, 2014, 36 pgs) Detailed history of this former commercial cave in Texas.

ROPE RESCUE MANUAL (California Mountain Co., Ltd., 1987, 135 pgs) Useful guide to rigging techniques used in technical mountain rescue; much is also applicable to advanced cave rescue.

ROPES KNOTS AND SLINGS FOR CLIMBERS (Wheelock, 1960, 36 pgs) Dated, but very readable guide to knots.

SALTPETRE CAVES AND VIRGINIA HISTORY (Faust, 1964, 26 pgs) Information about saltpeter mining in Virginia & West Virginia (reprinted from Caves of Virginia, by Henry Douglas).

THE SECRET OF PRIEST'S GROTTO (Taylor & Nicola, 2007, 64 pgs) True story of several Jewish families that hid in Ukraine caves for over a year during the Holocaust.

SERA CAVE CARNIVAL GUIDEBOOK  (Chattanooga Grotto, 1979 & 1987, 56 & 45 pgs)  Descriptions and maps of  caves.

SERA 89 (Chattanooga Grotto, 1989, 94 pgs)  Descriptions, maps, & photos of 47 caves.

SINGLE ROPE TECHNIQUES (Montgomery, 1977, 124 pgs) Dated, but useful, guide to vertical caving techniques.

SINKS OF GANDY CREEK (Preble, 1969, 26 pgs) Historic descriptions of the Sinks of Gandy in Randolph County, West Virginia).

SMITH CREEK CANYON CAVES (White Pine County, NV) (Stratford, 2018, 40 pgs) Descriptions and maps of several caves in the canyon.

SOIL SURVEY OF RANDOLPH COUNTY, WV (USDA & USFS, 1978?, 200+ pgs) Very technical, but may contain information about soils that contain caves.

SPELEO DIGEST (NSS, annually 1958 and 1964-2003) Annual NSS publications that contain the "best" material from Grotto newsletters during that year.  A very useful reference.  Publication ceased with the 2003 edition.

SPELEO DIGEST CUMULATIVE INDEX 1956-1980 (NSS, 1991, 565 pgs) A few errors, but still a useful index to 25 years of Speleo Digests.

SPELEOFEST GUIDEBOOK (Louisville Grotto, 1973, 1982, 1988, 1989) Speleofest (Kentucky) guidebooks.

THE SPELEOGUIDE (John Slaven, 1971, 92 pgs) Introductory guide to basic caving techniques.

SPELEOLOGIA -- SPECIAL ISSUE FOR THE XVI ICS [2013] (Societa Speleologica Italiana [Italy]. 2013, 104 pgs) English language summary of Italian Speleological activities.  Many excellent color photos.

SPELEOLOGICAL ABSTRACTS (Intl. Union of Speleology, 1993, 243 pgs) Brief abstracts of many worldwide articles written in 1993.

SPELEOLOGY, THE STUDY OF CAVES (Moore & Sullivan, 1978, 150 pgs) Classic and readable introduction to Speleology.

A STUDY OF ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS IN HARRISON'S CAVE, BARBADOS, WEST INDIES (Hobbs, 1994, 106 pgs) Technical study of environmental issues in this commercial cave.

THE SURVEY OF CASS CAVE (WVASS Monograph 4) (Zimmerman, 2011, 64 pgs) Detailed map and description of Cass Cave in Pocahontas County, W. Va.

TEARS OF THE TURTLE CAVE (Flathead County, MT) (Speece, 2018, 28 pgs) History of exploration of this high elevation Montana cave.

TO THE EDGE (video DVD)  (Extreme Rappels, 2004) Video of cavers rappelling off El Capitan (Yosemite National Park, CA) in 2004.  No caving involved.

TRAPPED IN DEATH CAVE (Wallace, 1984, 151 pgs) Pulp fiction about caves & treasure hunting.

TROGLODYTES STRAND WORLD (Anjou & Touraine, 1993, 36 pgs) Small book describing several manmade or man-altered underground habitats in France.

UNDERGROUND WORLDS (Time-Life Books, 1982, 176 pgs) One of the Planet Earth series.  Photos and text describing caves around the world.

VENTURE CAVING (Boy Scouts of America, 1991, 60 pgs) Small introductory book for Scouts.

VERTEBRATE FAUNA OF WEST VIRGINIA CAVES (WVASS Bulletin 11) (Garton, Grady, Carey, WVASS, 1993, 107 pgs) A reference guide to the vertebrate critters in West Virginia caves.

VIRGINIA CAVE LOCATOR SERIES  Small booklets with cave locations and directions to numerous Virginia caves. Data may be out of date. (Paper and digital PDF versions)
   BOOK 1 -- Frederick & Clarke Counties (Felter, 1979, 24 pgs)
   BOOK 2 -- Warren County (Felter, 1979, 32 pgs)
   BOOK 3 -- Shenandoah County (Felter, 1980, 55 pgs)
   BOOK 4 -- Page County (Felter, 1980, 36 pgs)
   BOOK 5 -- Rockingham County (Felter, 1982, 64 pgs)

   BOOK 6 -- Augusta County (Felter, 1982, 52 pgs)

WEIL'S DISEASE - A Caver's Guide (Weil's Disease Information Center, 1999, 16 pgs) A guide to prevention and treatment of this potentially deadly waterborne infection that cavers are exposed to in wet passages.

WHERE THE SUN DON'T SHINE (Wefer, 1999, 214 pgs)  Fictional mystery book written by a caver and based in Butler Cave (Virginia).

WIND CAVE FINAL 1959 EXPEDITION REPORT (Brown, 1964, 63 pgs, Digital PDF verson only) Detailed report on a 1959 NSS expedition in Wind Cave, South Dakota.

WONDER CAVE (Taney County, MO) (Soule, 2018, 28 pgs) Description of this former commercial cave.

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