Cave-related National Geographic Magazines in the Grotto Library

The DC Grotto Library has a collection of National Geographic magazines from 1934 through 1997 that contain cave-related articles. 

The good news is that there is an index to the articles. It was produced by a caver in Australia, Glenn Baddeley, who created the index and posted it on his website. A reformatted version of Glenn’s index is included below (with his permission).  (Sadly, Glenn Baddeley's site is no longer operational).

The following index shows the article titles, Glenn Baddeley’s comments about the articles, and the date of the issue containing them.  Only the issues in the Grotto Library are included.

The Forgotten Valley of Peru. [Caves in the Colca Valley - Peru] January, 1934

A Patriotic Pilgrimage To Eastern National Parks. [Mammoth Cave - Kentucky, Luray Caverns - Virginia] June, 1934

Petra, Ancient Caravan Stronghold. [Cave tombs - Palestine] February, 1935

Rhodesia, the Pioneer Colony. [Cave paintings - Rhodesia] June, 1935

The Nat. Geo. Society And Its Magazine. [Carlsbad Caverns - New Mexico] January, 1936

Flashing Fashions of Old Spain. [Gypsy cave & cliff dwellers - Spain] March, 1936

Beyond Australia's Cities. [Jenolan Caves - Australia] December, 1936

Time's Footprints in Tunisian Sands. [Matmata cave dwellers - Tunisia] March, 1937

From Notch To Notch in the White Mountains. [Flume Gorge, Talus Caves - New Hampshire] July, 1937

Landscaped Kwangsi, China's Province of Pictorial Art. [Pole Star Cave - China] December, 1937

China's Great Wall of Sculpture. [Yun Kang & Man Hewn Caves - China] March, 1938

New Mexico Melodrama. [Carlsbad Caverns - New Mexico] May, 1938

Roads From Washington. [Endless Caverns, Luray Caverns - Virginia; Secret escape tunnels] July, 1938

Czechoslovaks, Yankees of Europe. [Moravian Caverns - Czechoslovakia] August, 1938

Hawaii, Then And Now. [Lava tubes - Hawaii] October, 1938

Wonder Islands of the Amazon Delta. [Fish eating bats - Marajo Island] November, 1938

At Home on the Oceans. [Coral Limestone Caves - Rodrigues Island, South Pacific] July, 1939

Where Early Christians Lived in Cones of Rock. [Cave homes - Turkey] December, 1939

Stone Idols of the Andes Reveal A Vanished People. [Nocturnal birds, Bats, Caves - Colombia] April, 1940

Seeing Our Spanish Southwest Fabulous Yellowstone. [Cliff dwellers - Arizona; Natural Bridges - Utah; Devils Kitchen Cave, Poison Cave - Wyoming] June, 1940

Ancient Temples And Modern Guns In Thailand. [Petchaburi Caves - Thailand] November, 1941

Taming 'Flood Dragons' Along China's Hwang Ho. [Cave dwellers - China] February, 1942

Parade of Life Through the Ages. [Caves paintings - France] February, 1942

Kentucky, Boone's Great Meadow. [Mammoth Cave - Kentucky] July, 1942

War Awakened New Caledonia. [Burial caves - New Caledonia] July, 1942

Busy Corner - The Cape of Good Hope. [Cango Caves - South Africa] August, 1942

China Opens Her Wild West. [Hospitals & storage in caves - China] September, 1942

Rehearsal at Dieppe. [Cave dwellers - France] October, 1942

Riddle of the Aleutians. [Burial caves - Aleutian Islands] December, 1942

Malta Invicta. [Man-made tunnels - Malta] March, 1943

Work And Play In the Ozarks. [Diamond Cave, Wonderland Cavern - Arkansas; Meramec Caverns, Marvel Cave - Missouri ] May, 1943

Crete, Where Sea - Kings Reigned. [Diktaian Cave - Crete] November, 1943

Front-Line Town of Britain's Siege. [Bomb shelter caves - Dover] January, 1944

6,000 Miles Over the Roads To Free China. [Seven Star Cave, Cave homes - China] March, 1944

The Isles of Greece. [Cave homes - Greece] May, 1944

Idaho Made the Desert Bloom. [Crystal Falls Cave - Idaho] June, 1944

What the Fighting Yanks See. [] October, 1944

Springboards To Tokyo. [Fruit bats - Australia, Hell's Pocket] October, 1944

The Geography of Jordan. [Caves - Early man] December, 1944

South From Saipan. [Saipan Caves - Japan] April, 1945

The Turkish Republic Comes of Age. [Cone dwellers - Turkey] May, 1945

Tai Shan, Sacred Mountain of the East. [Cave of the True Hermit - China] June, 1945

Okinawa, Threshold To Japan. [Shelter caves - Japan] October, 1945

New Guinea's Mountain And Swampland Dwellers. [Underground grotto's made by the Warok River - New Guinea] December, 1945

Earth's Most Primitive People. [Ayers Rock - Australia] January, 1946

Bonnie Scotland, Postwar Style. [St. Ninian's Cave - Scotland] May, 1946

Mystery Mammals of the Twilight. [Bats] July, 1946

Sigiriya, 'A fortress In the Sky'. [Buddhist cave paintings - Ceylon] November, 1946

On the Trail of the La Venta Man. [Cave of Guayabal - Mexico] February, 1947

Lundy, Treasure Island of Birds. [Benson's Cave - North Devon] May, 1947

Desert River Through Navajo Land Utah's Arches of Stone. [Shelter caves - Utah] August, 1947

An Archeologist Look At Palestine. [Cave tombs - Palestine] December, 1947

Pacific Wards of Uncle Sam. [Cave - Palau Islands. [Stone coin mined from limestone] July, 1948

Ancient Cliff Dwellers of Mesa Verde. [Cliff dwellers - Colorado] September, 1948

Exploring Aleutian Volcanoes. [Lave cave - Aleutian Islands] October, 1948

Lascaux Cave, Cradle of World Art. [Lascaux Cave - France] December, 1948

Applachian Valley Pilgrimage. [Limestone min, Grand Caverns - West Virginia] July, 1949

Adobe New Mexico. [Aboriginal cliff dwellers - Mexico] December, 1949

Exploring Stone Age Arnhemland. [Caves and cave paintings - Australia] December, 1949

Voices of the Night. [Cave Frog] April, 1950

Speaking of Spain. [Cave dwellers - Spain] April, 1950

Montana, Shining Mountain Treasureland. [Lewis and Clark Caverns - Montana] June, 1950

The Caves of the Thousand Buddhas. [Cave homes & temples - India] March, 1951

France's Past Lives In Languedoc. [Cave for storage - Cirques des Baumes grottoes, Detroits de Tarn limestone cliffs, Cheese stored in caves - France] July, 1951

'Rockhounds' Uncover Earth's Mineral Beauty. [Cave in Santa Catalina Mountains - Arizona. [Photograph shows rockhounds collecting stalagmites and aragonite crystals!] November, 1951

Our Home-Town Planet, Earth. [Carlsbad Caverns - New Mexico. [Photograph of Twin Dome stalagmites] January, 1952

New Zealand Pocket Wonder World. [Waitomo Caves & Cave art - New Zealand] April, 1952

Down East Cruise. [Anemone Cave - Maine] September, 1952

Fish Men Explore A New World Undersea. [Spider Crab's Cave - Mediterranean Sea] October, 1952

La Jolla A Gem of the California Coast. [La Jolla Caves - California] December, 1952

Probing Ice Caves of the Pyrenees [Pyrenees Ice Caves - Border of Spain / France. Many B&W photos by Casteret] March, 1953

India’s Sculptured Temple Caves. [Temple caves - India] May, 1953

Carlsbad Caverns In Color. [Carlsbad Caverns - New Mexico. Many color photos by E. "Tex" Helm] October, 1953

Ohio Makes Its Own Prosperity. [Rock House Cavern, Old Man's Cave - Ohio] April, 1955

Petra, Rose-Red Citadel of Biblical Edom. [Nabatean Cave - Palestine] December, 1955

High Road To Pyrenees. [Cavern of Betharram - France / Spain borders] March, 1956

Tom Sawyer's Town. [Mark Twain Cave - Missouri] July, 1956

Life 8,000 Years Ago Uncovered In An Alabama Cave. [Russell Cave - Alabama] October, 1956

Back To the Historic Black Hills. [Wind Cave - South Dakota] October, 1956

History Awakens At Harper Ferry [Cave near Harpers Ferry - West Virginia. Cave reputed to have been used by runaway slaves] March, 1957

The Balearics Are Booming. [Caves of the Dragon - Balearic Islands, Spain] May, 1957

Gypsy Cave Dwellers of Andalusia. [Cave dwellers - Spain] October, 1957

Poet's Voices Linger In Scottish Shrines. [Rock Cave - Scotland] October, 1957

I Found the Bones of the Bounty. [Gudgeon Sea Cave - Pitcairn Island] December, 1957

Cappadocia: Turkey’s Country of Cones. [Volcanic rock formations & rock hewn dwellings - Turkey] January, 1958

The Bahamas, Isles of the Blue. [Green Sea, Blue Holes] February, 1958

New Light On Stone Age Life. [Russell Cave - Alabama] March, 1958

Nat. Geo. Society Presents Russell Cave To the American People. [Russell Cave - Alabama] March, 1958

Man's First Winter At the Pole. [Snow caves and tunnels] April, 1958

Heritage of Beauty And History - The National Parks, USA.[Ice Cave in Paradise Glacier - Washington, Mesa Verde Cave City - Colorado, Wind Cave - South Dakota, Fern Cave - California, Mammoth Cave - Kentucky, Carlsbad Caverns - New Mexico. Calcite boxwork in Wind Cave. No photos of Mammoth Cave or Carlsbad Caverns] May, 1958

Sand In My Eyes. [Cave art - Sahara] May, 1958

West From Khyber Pass. [Cave Homes - Pakistan] July, 1958

How Old Is It?. [Shanidar Cave - Iraq, 'Ain Fashkha Cave - Palestine, Unnamed Cave - Syria, Danger Cave - Utah, Bat Cave - New Mexico, Fort Rock Cave - Oregon, Modoc Rock Shelter - Illinois, Russell Cave - Alabama. Carbon-14 dating of artifacts. No photo of caves] August, 1958

California's Ranches In the Sea. [Painted Cave - Santa Cruz Island, California. Sea lion colony, no photo] August, 1958

The Emporer's Private Garden: Kashmir. [Hindus on way to Amarnath Cave - India. Only information is "ice-columned grotto venerated by Hindus"] November, 1958

The Men Who Hid the Dead Sea Scrolls. [Qumran Cave - Palestine] December, 1958

Geographical Twins A World Appart. [Qumran Cave - Palestine, Black Rock Cave - Utah] December, 1958

Dzibilchalrun: Up From the Well of Time. [Cenote Xlacah - Yucatan, Mexico. Cave diving for relics] January, 1959

Amalfi, Italy's Divine Coast. [The Cave of the Lovers - Italy] October, 1959

Searching For Cliff Dwellers Secrets [Long House, Site 1249 - Whetherill Mesa, Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado. Cliff dwellings] November, 1959

Man On the Moon In Idaho. [Boy Scout Cave - Idaho] October, 1960

Return to the Sacred Cenote - Into the Well of Sacrifice. [Sacred well or sinkhole is rich in artifacts - Yucatan, Mexico] October, 1961

Easter Island and its Mysterious Monuments [Ana Kai Tangata Cave near Hamgoa Roa used by cannibals, Painted birds figures in Eat-Man Cave - Easter Island] January, 1962

New Zealand, Gift of the Sea. [Waitomo Cave - New Zealand] April, 1962

Cities of stone in Utah's Canyonland [Stone age cave dwellings in Horse Canyon, Colorado River - Utah] May, 1962

Lonely Wonders of Katmai Valley of the Ten Thousand Smokes. [Volcanic Features - Alaska] June, 1963

Australia [Undercut caves at Ayers Rock - Australia] September, 1963

Solving the Riddles of Wetherill Mesa [Cliff dwellers at Wetherill Mesa - New Mexico] February, 1964

Exploring America Underground. [Mentions many American caves] June, 1964

This Is the China I Saw [Buddha Cave Temples - Yun Kang, China] November, 1964

Birds That See In the Dark. [Cave of the Owls - Peru] February, 1965

Mustang, Remote Realm In Nepal [More than 50 caves shaped by wind in a cliffside, many are interconnected by passages and used as a monastery] October, 1965

"the Alice" in Australia’s Wonderland [Stanley Chasm (sic Standley), Ayers Rock - Australia] February, 1966

Blow Hunters of the South Pacific [Bats as a human food source - New Britain] June, 1966

River of Counts And Kings: the Loire [Grotto carved in limestone - Doue la Fontaine, France] June, 1966

Behind the Headlines In Viet Nam [Sacred Cave in Marble Mountains - Viet Nam] February, 1967

Alaska's Mighty Rivers of Ice [Climbing in crevasses of Vaughan Lewis Glacier - Alaska] February, 1967

Hopes And Fears In Booming Thailand. [Birds Nest Caves - Phi Phi, Thailand] July, 1967

Lake Powell: Waterway To Desert Wonders. [Canyons, Rock Formations and Pictographs at Lake Powell - Utah] July, 1967

Russell Cave Dedicated. [Russell Cave - Alabama] September, 1967

The Friendly Isles of Tonga. [Mariner’s Cave - Tonga] March, 1968

South Seas’ Tonga Hails A King. [Flying Foxes - Tonga] March, 1968

The Mekong: River of Terror And Hope. [Limesone pinnacles - Vang Vieng, Laos; Cave shrine - Pak Ou, Laos] December, 1968

Lansarote - The Strangest Canary. [Caverns of Illusion lava tube 4 miles long - Canary Islands] January, 1969

Retracing John Wesley Powell's Historic Voyage Down the Grand Canyon. [Shinumo Wash (or Silver Grotto) pool and caves in limestone in Marble Canyon, Limestone strata, Mineral deposits form travertine dome called Sipapu sacred site by Hopi, Stanton Cave - Colorado] May, 1969

South Australia, Gateway To the Great Outback. [Mention of subterranean lakes, Nullarbor Plain; Admiral’s Arch, Kangaroo Island; Limestone mining, Mt. Gambier - South Australia] April, 1970

Shenandoah, I Long To Hear You. [Luray Caverns, Natural Bridge - Virginia ] April, 1970

Capri: Italy’s Enchanted Rock. [Grotto Azzurra, Grotta Verde, Grotta Rosa, Grotta Bianca on map - Capri, Italy] June, 1970

Keeping House In A Cappadocian Cave. [Cone dwellers - Turkey. [Rooms carved in volcanic pinnacles ] July, 1970

New Mexico, the Golden Land. [Carlsbad Caverns - New Mexico] September, 1970

Diving Into the Blue Holes of the Bahamas. [Submerged Sea Cave - Andros Island, Bahamas] September, 1970

Through Ozark Hills And Hollows. [Blue Spring - Missouri] November, 1970

Searching out Medieval Churches In Ethiopia's Wilds. [Rock and cave sanctuaries - Ethiopia] December, 1970

New Light On A Forgotten Past. [Spirit Cave - Thailand] March, 1971

Bermuda: Balmy, British and Beautiful. [Limestone Outcrops at Stone Hole Bay - Bermuda] July, 1971

Nature's Night Lights - Probing the Secrets of Bioluminescence. [Glow worms in Waitomo Cave - New Zealand] July, 1971

Realm of Rock And the Far Horizon - Canyonlands. [Rock Formations and Rock Art in Canyonland National Park - Utah] July, 1971

The Imperial Everglades. [Limestone and Hydrology - Florida] January, 1972

Aphrodisias, Awakened City of Ancient Art. [Archaeological Excavation - Turkey] June, 1972

The Shadowy World of Salamanders. [Cave Dwelling Salamanders] July, 1972

The More Paris Changes.... [Catacombs and Underground Canals - Paris, France] July, 1972

Stone Age Cavemen of Mindanao. [Cave dwellers - Mindanao, Philippines] August, 1972

Escalante Canyon - Wilderness At the Crossroads. [Golden Cathedral undercut cavern - Utah] August, 1972

Rock Paintings of the Aborigines. [Rock art in Overhangs - Obiri Rock, Australia] February, 1973

Bats Aren't All Bad. [Ney Cave - Texas; Caves in Trinidad, Panama & Jamaica] May, 1973

Homeward With Ulysses. [Cave at Polis Bay and Tombs Carved In Rock - Ithaca, Greece; Hydrology of Cephalonia & Mellissani Grotto - Greece] July, 1973

Exploring the Mind of the Ice Age Man. [Caves at Rouffignac, Vogelherd, Peche-Merle, Niaux, Lascaux, La Vache - France] January, 1975

Six Months Alone In A Cave. [Midnight Cave - Texas] March, 1975

Diving Amid 'Sleeping' Sharks. [La Cadena Sea Cave - Mexico] April, 1975

Andalusia: the Spirit of Spain. [Cave Homes - Spain] June, 1975

Spain’s Sun-blest Pleasure Isles. [Son Muleta Cave & Mushrooms In Man Made Caves - Mallorca, Spain] May, 1976

The Island That’s Still Hawaii: Kauai. [Fern Grotto Cave - Hawaii] November, 1977

Easygoing, Hardworking Arkansas. [Blanchard Springs Caverns - Arkansas] March, 1978

Man In the Amazon: Stone Age Present Meets Stone Age Past. [Abrido do Sol (Shelter of the Sun) - Brazil] January, 1979

Our National Parks - Special Issue. [All National Park Cave Locations - USA] July, 1979

Navajo Ranger Interprets Our People, Our Past. [Cliff Dwellings In Canyon - Betatakin, Arizona] July, 1979

The Search For the First Americans. [Location of many caves shown on maps of Norhern Asia, North & South America] September, 1979

Scenic Guilin Links China's Past and Present. [Reed Flute Cave - China] October, 1979

Utah Rock Art, Wilderness Louvre. [Extensive rock art in Canyonlands National Park - Utah] January, 1980

Arnhem Land Aboriginals Cling To Dreamtime. [Sandstone Overhangs - Australia] November, 1980

Drama of Death In A Minoan Temple. [Archaeological Excavation - Crete] February, 1981

Two American Teachers In China. [Stone Forest Karst - China] June, 1981

Maya Art Discovered In Cave. [Naj Tunich cave - Guatemala] August, 1981

Nahinni, Canada's Wilderness Park. [Tufa at Kraus Hotsprings, 700' limestone wall at the Gate, Grotte Valerie Cave contains ice - Canada] September, 1981

The Amazing Frog - Eating Bat. [Barro Colorado Island - Panama. Many photos of bats by Merlin D. Tuttle] January, 1982

Tansania's Stone Age Art. [Prehistoric art on sheltered cliff faces and rock outcroppings - Tanzania] July, 1983

Wales - the Lyric Land. [Stone burial chamber at Capel Garmon, near Betws-y-Coed - Wales] July, 1983

A Walk And Ride On the Wild Side. [Limestone Caves on the Frankin River - Tasmania, Australia] May, 1983

Exploring A Sunken Realm In Australia. [Diving in Piccaninie Ponds, Ewen Ponds - South Australia] January, 1984

On Britian's Pennine Way. [Gaping Gill - England] March, 1986

Gentle Fliers of the African Night. [Flying Foxes - Africa. Many photos by Merlin D. Tuttle] April, 1986

Archeologists Explore Guatemala's Lost City of Maya - Rio Azul. [Underground Tombs - Mexico] April, 1986

Red Deer And Man. [A Painting of Deer in Lascaux Cave - France] October, 1986

New Zealand, the Last Utopia?. [Very long abseil into cave near Te Kuiti - New Zealand] May, 1987

The First Australians. [Rock Art in Overhangs - Kakadu, Australia] February, 1988

The Search For Modern Humans. [Border Cave - South Africa, Tuc d’Audoubert Cave - France, Kebara Cave - Israel] October, 1988

Art Treasures From the Ice Age Lascaux Cave. [Lascaux Cave - France] October, 1988

Quietly Conserving Nature. [Kartcher Caverns, Arizona Bracken Cave - Texas. Holographic front cover] December, 1988

Nest Gatherers of Tiger Cave. [Rumau (Tiger) Cave, Lo Liam Cave, Wong Lung Cave - Thailand] January, 1990

Below the Cliff of Tombs - Maili's Dogon. [Burial caves - Bandiagara cliffs,Tellem, Mali] October, 1990

Charting the Splendors of Lechuguilla Cave. [Lechuguilla Cave - New Mexico. 24 photos by Michael Nichols] March, 1991

Bats - the Cactus Connection. [Bahia Kino - New Mexico. Good photos] June, 1991

Blackwater Country. [Limestone Landscapes & Hydrology - Florida] April, 1992

Geronimo. [Cave in Chiricahua Mountains containing Apache pictograph - Arizona] October, 1992

The Violent Saga of A Maya Kingdom. [Cave at Dos Pilas, Cave of Blood - Guatemala] February, 1993

Saving North America's Bats. [Hubbard's Cave - Tennessee; Bracken Cave - Texas; Mine in Canoe Creek State Park - Pennsylvania. Many good photos of bats] August, 1995

Cave Quest. [Huautla Cave - Mexico. Includes many photos by Wes Skiles] September, 1995

The Dawn of Humans: Neanderthals. [Vindija Cave - Croatia; Altamura Cave - Italy; La Sima De Los Heusos - Spain; Cave near Shanidar - Iraq; Amud Cave - Israel; Cave entrance - Gibraltar. Neanderthal fossils and artifacts found in caves] January, 1996

Our Polluted Runoff . [Fluorescent dye marking in cave near Lost River, Sinkhole pond near Bowling Green - Kentucky; Mitchell Creek watershed - Michigan] February, 1996

Into the Heart of Glaciers. [Abseiling in Glaciers - Greenland & Argentina. Many photos by Carsten Peter] February, 1996

The Many Faces of Thailand. [Ko Phi Phi Le Island - Thailand. Karst tower islands at sea] February, 1996

Pilgrimage To China's Buddhist Caves. [Buddhist Cave Temples - China] April, 1996

Tarantulas. [Rare tarantula deep in a cave - Oaxaca, Mexico] September, 1996

Beneath the Tasman Sea. [Diving in Cathedral Cave - Tasmania, Australia] January, 1997

Under New York. [Tunnels and Stalactites beneath New York - New York] February, 1997

Traveling Australia's Dog Fence. [Coastal limestone cliffs where fence meets Great Australian Bight - Australia] April, 1997

Iceland's Trial By Fire. [Vatnajokull glacier - Iceland. Very large tunnels and chasms in ice produced by volcanic eruptions] May, 1997

The Dawn of Humans: Expanding Worlds. [Teeth in Longgupo Cave - China, Peking man in Zhoukoudian Caves - China, Artifacts in Jinmium Overhang - Australia] May, 1997

The World According To Rome. [Temple carved in rock - Petra, Jordan] August, 1997

China's Three Gorges Before the Flood. [Limestone gorges on the Yangtze River - China] September, 1997

The Dawn of Humans: Tracking the First of Our Kind. [Equus Cave, Cave of Hearths, Border Cave marked on Map - South Africa, Cave 2 entrance photograph - South Africa] September, 1997

the Most Ancient Americans. [Fort Rock Cave and Wilson Butte Cave - USA. Caves only shown on map] October, 1997

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