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muddy caversReady to start your adventure?

Membership with the Washington DC Grotto opens a door to true adventure. Caving is physical, claustrophobic, muddy, all inspiring, and unbelievably rewarding. The DC Grotto only caves in wild caves, no pre hung lights, no sidewalks, and no tourists. Membership offers an experience, unmatched in Washington DC.

DC Grotto is open to everyone and all experience levels. You may be a beginner, or a technical, high angle rope expert. The Grotto offers a safe caving experience, training and equipment rental. Everyone is searching for that one thing that makes them different.

Membership offers a friendship with others on an intriguing quest. Membership also offers:
• Monthly cave trips
• Overnight cave trips
• Exclusive access to regional and national caving events
• Rope training with knowledgeable cavers
• Monthly Newsletter about national and international caving.
• Quarterly DC Speleograph (our internal publication) about local caving news.
• Monthly Meetings at a local bar
• Access to our Library, including 85 years of caving history
• Camping under the West Virginia Milky Way with new friends

Our meetings are free of charge, but everyone must be a member to cave with the Grotto. We are sorry, but we cannot offer non-member caving. Our membership application has disclosures that protect the Grotto, and the nominal membership fee supports our internal structure. We are not a for profit business. We are a 501()c)(3) nonprofit organization. We don’t own caves and we are not professionally trained. Our knowledge is passed from one caver to the next. The DC Grotto is a group of friends that cave together. We offer a grassroots experience of a lifetime.

Our current membership fee is $25.00 for three years of unlimited caving or $10.00 per year.

If you want to pursue your interest in caving and are willing to abide by our conservation policies, you should download the DC Grotto membership form, complete and sign it and return the form and your dues to the address given on the form.

Although no longer a requirement for DC Grotto membership, we encourage you to join the National Speleological Society. The NSS website has more information and you can join on-line, if you wish.

If you have any questions, or to obtain more information, contact DCG membership.

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This page last updated or verified on October 1, 2023