A Plea for Information and Openness

March 3, 2008

This site was created on February 11 to provide links to factual information about WNS for the caving community, but the new information on it has been minimal.  Cavers have been trying to get detailed information about the spread of WNS, but unfortunately their queries have either been ignored or the responses received were vague and uninformative.  In addition, we are assured that serious, high priority research is going on, but we have been given almost no details about it.  If anyone can accurately answer the questions below please do so.

1.   What caves/mines have been found to be clean of White Nose?

2.   What caves/mines have been found to be affected by White Nose?

3.   What exactly was found in those affected caves? Dead bats? How many? A drop in population? What were the numbers?

4.   In both the affected and unaffected caves, what was the past bat count history? We need these numbers to understand the context of the situation.

5.   What caves/mines have not yet been checked?

In all cases, we need the name of the caves/mines and their general locations. Giving the county location is sufficient.

6.   What types of WNS research is being done at the various labs throughout the country (please be specific)?  How will their findings be disseminated?

Vague statements or large overstatements of the problem are not helpful. Instead, they encourage skepticism and resentment among the very people (cavers) the researchers need the most cooperation from. Precision and accuracy will be far more effective in garnering the help and support of the caving community.

If anyone can provide answers to the questions above for inclusion on this site it will help quell a growing feeling that there is perhaps a political component to WNS as well as a scientific one.

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